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Biography Dominique d'Orange
Born in Ostend, Dominique d’Orange enrolled in the Art School of Bruges before attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Ostend. Her oeuvre consists of a lot of portraits, prints, wall paintings, surreal, photorealistic, post-impressionist, oil paintings, multimedia work, projections and photos. paintings and graphic work. She made several series, such as Lady with hat, both oil paintings and prints. The classically trained artist evolved from a classical to a modern, contemporary and graphic style. Her early artwork is marked by a delicate palette and a dreamy Post-Impressionist style, depicting fairy-like enchanting gardens, flower pieces and ladies with hats. Later on, her Pop art inspired work shows stronger colours and other subjects. Her Surreal artwork is very appealing, rendering a message of culture and critical points of view. Her technical and compositional skills are brilliant. She loves working with oil paint. Nevertheless she doesn’t restrict herself to a single medium. Recurring themes are other cultures, human violence and failure, philosophy and dreams. Painting is the way to express her inner thoughts. She is keen on travelling as it provides her with the necessary inspiration and impulses. Dominiques contemporary artwork consists of aluminium and paper prints, abstract work, mixed media and multimedia work, photography and projections. At the moment the artist is concentrating on abstract work, printmaking, photography and projections. Dominique d’Orange lives and works in Belgium and abroad. Born Ostend, 07.09.1948 Education Art School Bruges Academy of Fine Arts Ostend Selections 1979 1980 1982: Award for paintings and graphic arts Leuven 2008: Selection for the Florence Biennale 2009 Awards 1980: Gallery Luka Boechout 1990: Foundation Art Promotion: Art Companion 1991: Grand prix International d’Arts plastiques, Nice Coupe Jean Peregrini

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