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B-Witched Photography
I started with B-Witched Photography in 2003, following a longtime passion for travelling and photography. B-Witched Photography thus focuses on travel photography, both in off-the-beaten-track locations but also closer to home. I also try to cover other photographic themes, from wedding photography to nature photography, portraits, business, food etc. I try to let my photos express something about the subject I am shooting, creativity is more important to me than the technical stuff. All images are copyrighted and may only be used with my written permission. Photographs are available as prints or posters, or for use on websites, educational CD ROMS etc. I also offer tutorials in expressive photography, both for individuals and groups. For more information please contact me on moniquejansen66@hotmail.com or moniquejansen@telenet.be Photographs are prints made with an analog reflex camera until the end of 2003 (Minolta 505si). My digital cameras were/are a Canon Powershot G5, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 and DMC-FZ50 (my current model). I opt for these types of cameras because it is the photographer who ultimately creates the image and not the camera and I do not feel the need to carry around 2 cameras and half a dozen lenses. Photographs are enhanced using normal dark room techniques with Photoshop. Since I specialise in travel photography, contents are generally not altered or manipulated, only corrected for color and contrast. Cropping has been done to enhance some images

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