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Nico Vaerewijck ( Beveren , 1977 ) is an artist who is fascinated and inspired by subjects that appeal to reality. The images are often based on old footage of photographs (filmstills) and documentaries, which often deal with political & social matters.
Where the paintings have a seemingly obvious reality, the images are manipulated in such a way that the viewer is left orphaned. The viewer is initially familiar with the work , but is facing a blurred image that did not immediately related to the subject. Through this the work is simultaneously mysterious and inscrutable.
Nico Vaerewijck studied painting , and drawing on SASK St. Niklaas He was laureate Legaat Hulstaert in 2012 and also nominated for Belfius Art 2013. .
In the latest exhibition “Nothing to halt”, Nico Vaerewijck wanted to show that a brief look at history can show us that most of these issues are still topical.

There are still a number of countries which have a nonfunctional democratic system as is depicted in the ” Mugadishutimes ” series around the former Somali President Maxamed Siyaad Barre ( 1969 to 1991).
In the painting “They were worried workers would go outside , not work and waste time # 2″ , the reality of mass production is raised to question.
The work however, does not literally show what is produced, because it is irrelevant, but the emphasis lies in the absurdity, and especially in the mass of people employed , exploited and thus they lose some of their freedom.
Small detail, In this specific factory, 133 employees were killed in a fire because the the emergency exits were closed (they were worried workers would go outside, not work and waste time).
In all of the works there is a very ominous atmosphere. They revolve around isolation or a lack of freedom.
In each painting it is unclear what is really going on with the characters and their personality because their individuality has been wiped away.

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